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Add me because...

i <3 classic films/classic hollywood

I love classics dahling!
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Do you love the classy past, but don't have anyone to share your interest, or would just like to find others who love classics like you? Well, join this communty to find those who do!

This is a adding community(the first and only) strictly for fans of classic hollywood/films/actors & actresses. Do not join if you do not share interest in anything along those lines. Commuity advertisment is welcome only if it relates to the past(and does not get out of hand). Also, please do not post too many icon posts or posts like that, there are plenty of communites for that because this is an adding community.

Feel free to post as many times as you'd like and have fun meeting and adding people who love classic films as much as you!

Also link back to us with these buttons made by: siempredescalzo

Also don't forget to check out our affliates:

i_dig_thepast & thewhiteglove
classic_desktop & irving_norma

20's, 20th century fox, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, abbott and costello, actors, actresses, al jolson, alfred hitchcock, anna may wong, antiques, audrey hepburn, ava gardner, barbara stanwyck, beauty, bette davis, bettie page, betty grable, billy wilder, black and white movies, bombshells, boris karloff, broadway, buster keaton, carole lombard, cary grant, charles boyer, charlie chaplin, cinematogrpahy, clara bow, clark gable, class, classic movies, claude rains, claudette colbert, directing, doris day, edward g. robinson, erich von stroheim, fay wray, faye dunaway, film history, film noir, flappers, frank capra, frank sinatra, fred astaire, fred macmurray, gary cooper, gene kelly, gene tierney, george cukor, ginger rogers, glamour, gloria swanson, golden age, grace kelly, greer garson, gregory peck, greta garbo, harold lloyd, hedy lamarr, henry fonda, howard hughes, howard keel, humphrey bogart, ingrid bergman, irving thalberg, jack lemmon, james cagney, james dean, james stewart, janet leigh, jean harlow, jeanette macdonald, jewerly, joan blondell, joan crawford, joan fontaine, john gilbert, john huston, john wayne, judy garland, jute boxes, katharine hepburn, kathryn grayson, lana turner, laurel & hardy, lauren bacall, laurence olivier, lena horne, lilian gish, liz taylor, lizabeth scott, loretta young, louis b. mayer, louise brooks, lucille ball, marilyn monroe, marlene dietrich, marlon brando, marx brothers, mary pickford, maureen o'hara, merle oberon, mgm, mickey rooney, montgomery clift, musicals, myrna loy, nelson eddy, norma shearer, nostalgia, old hollywood, orson welles, paul newman, peter lorre, peter o'toole, pola negri, retro culture, rita hayworth, rko, robert donat, robert taylor, rosalind russell, rosemary clooney, rudolph valentino, shirley temple, silent films, silver screen, sophia loren, sound, spencer tracey, starlets, suits, swing, talkies, tallulah bankhead, technicolor, theatre, theda bara, tony curtis, turner classic movies, vivien leigh, w.c fields, warner brothers, william holden, william powell