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Hello there


HOKAY. I usually don't go around just 'looking for people to add me,' like to seem needy or desperate or anything. I just have plenty of LJ music friends, but hardly any movie ones. And both are my life, so, here I am. And I'm an avid list maker. So even if nobody adds me, I at least get satisfaction out of writing this list. Oh, and I consider the the '60s and '70s 'classic.' Anything past 30 years can not be contemporary anymore. Seriously. Anyway, enough yackity-yack time:

(these are all selective/ATM. Because you can't really expect me to include EVERY movie I've loved. I think I've only fully hated about three!)

Favorite Actresses:

1. Carole Lombard
2. Judy Garland
3. Jean Arthur
4. Liza Minnelli
5. Diane Keaton
6. Lillian Gish
7. Marion Davies (she actually could be good sometimes. And I think she was a sweetie)
8. Grace Kelly
9. Lauren Bacall
10. Mary Pickford
11. Elizabeth Taylor
12. Audrey Hepburn
13. Ingrid Bergman
14. Vivien Leigh
15. Norma Shearer

Favorite Actors:

1. Jimmy Stewart
2. Montgomery Clift
3. Cary Grant
4. Laurence Olivier
5. Clark Gable
6. Robert Mitchum
7. Peter Fonda (Yes, Peter)
8. Anthony Perkins
9. Malcolm McDowell
10. Humphrey Bogart
11. James Cagney
12. William Powell
13. Dustin Hoffman
14. Al Pacino
15. Peter O'Toole


1. Woody Allen
2. Stanley Kubrick
3. Alfred Hitchcock
4. Billy Wilder
5. George Cukor
6. Martin Scorsese
7. Tim Burton
8. Frederico Fellini
9. Howard Hawks
10. Frank Capra

Favorite Films:

1. Annie Hall
2. Manhattan
3. Chinatown
4. Easy Rider
5. The Philadelphia Story
6. Psycho
7. The Women
8. My Man Godfrey
9. The Wizard of Oz
10. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
11. A Clockwork Orange
12. Gone with the Wind
13. Casablanca
14. The Graduate
15. Cabaret
16. Rear Window
17. The Sound of Music
18. My Fair Lady
19. National Velvet
20. Sunset Boulevard
21. All About Eve
22. La dolce vita
23. Nashville
24. A Hard Day's Night
25. It's a Wonderful Life

I tried to keep it short, lol. And there's really no order to the lists for the most part. Also, I think Citizen Kane and Breathless are highly overrated. But it could just be from having them shoved down my throat in almost every film class I've taken. Yeah...that's about it. End of rant. XD

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