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I love Vintage films. silents, pre-codes, early musicals, Foreign vintage classics, Hitchcock's pre-american films, etc
I've got the serious hots for; Buster Keaton, Conrad Veidt, Emlyn Williams(hellllooooo out there, where are his other fans?) Thelma Todd, Joan Blondell, Olga Baclanova, Robert Donat, Warren William, Cagney, Eddie G. Robinson, Ralph Richardson , Herbert Marshall, etc, etc, etc. Can't possibly name them all!

I've also recently began to get into 'the golden age of television'. I really love jack benny, jackie gleason, art carney, red skelton, laugh-in(not really vintage, but still old in my book) REALLY love Sid Caesar, all those early variety shows- jackie gleason was best, in my opinion, in his variety shows.

 there's so much more to love, i'm just getting acquainted with it all :)
add me if you'd like, it would be wonderful to meet other people with commonalities.

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