Jordanna Morgan (jordannamorgan) wrote in addme_classics,
Jordanna Morgan


Let's see if anyone around here has tastes half as obscure and eccentric as mine. *g*

I'm a classic movie fan whose fandom comes in two parts: Classic Horror and Everything Else. I have loved all classic horror from Universal to Hammer for more than half my life, but in the last few years I've branched out into classic films in general (excepting westerns, most musicals, and sob-story romance--unless a favorite actor is in it). Favorites include James Cagney, Danny Kaye, Claude Rains, Fredric March, and Leslie Howard; character actors Frank McHugh and Allen Jenkins; and of course the horror stars like Lugosi, Karloff, and Cushing. I'm not as interested in actresses, but I have been known to enjoy Joan Blondell, Myrna Loy, Katharine Hepburn, and Lauren Bacall--usually in combination with their best leading men.

I make a lot of classic movie icons and wallpapers; wolfbane_icons is my graphics journal. I also run the icon challenge community classicicontest. I'm known as a fanfiction writer, although classic movies never really seem to lend themselves to it for me. (And I'm not averse to trading movies... TCM has been rather stingy with my favorite stars lately.)

Other questions? Ask me, or view my profile. The friending guidelines are all there. :)
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